What Immerse does

Tomorrows game developers

Immerse aims to help you become a better developer through video games. Together we will learn how to work in teams.

Who Immerse is for

Soon to be developers

You don't need any knowledge from before to be a part of Immerse, just an interest in learning to make games. By joining Immerse you will gain knowledge in Object Oriented Programming (OOP), which might come in handy for those studying informatics related studies.

What Immerse offers

What you can expect from enrolling at immerse

Through the course of a semester with Immerse you will create a small game by yourself, make a slightly bigger game with others in Immerse and learn how to make games in teams. You will eat a lot of pizza.

How you can enroll at Immerse

We take in new members every semester. You don't need any knowledge of programming or games to join, just an interest in game development! go here to apply today!